Friday, December 13, 2013

Casual Friday

I've had this sweatshirt forever. But some days, you just want to throw on a lived-in sweatshirt and some jeans, right? I know I'm not alone! I wore this when I went to work with the 3 year old little guy I visit and work with one on one, so I could dress nice and casually. As a side note, I just had my last visit with him last week and I'm really going to miss this little buddy! My goal was to help him make progress socially and he went from not even knowing how to play with another person, not making eye contact, and not being at all warm and fuzzy to now climbing in my lap, making lots of eye contact with me, and interacting with me so much more in play. So now I feel awful leaving him, because of how attached he's become, but I couldn't imagine anything better than working with young kids with special needs!

Do you ever wear sweatshirts out of the house?


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