About This Blog

I read and keep up with a lot of fashion blogs. I get great inspiration from them, and reading other blogs is the reason that I wanted to start this one. But I want to bring something new to the table and I want this blog to reflect me and be something that I'm very comfortable with. Can I succeed by not following the traditional fashion blog format? I suppose only time will tell, but I certainly don't see why not!

I've decided to not use my face, or any personal identifying details in the blog. I know that this is not typical. However, I work with young children with delays and disabilities and their families. Because of the field that I work in, privacy is always a concern. Not only the families' privacy, though, but also mine as well. I need trust to be a two-way street to have real success with them, and I don't want my face being all over pinterest to jeopardize that. I want the blog to still have a personal feel, though, while still remaining a fashion blog, of course. This method also allows me to share aspects of my life with you while not revealing any details about any of the children or families that I work with by default.

Furthermore, the purpose of this blog is not for me to be a model. It's to share fashion ideas and inspiration. And what better way to do that than by showcasing only the clothes?

None of the pictures that I will use on this blog are edited. What you see is really my body, for good or for worse. I am proud of my curves and I know that maintaining a healthy and fit body is a continuous process. While I'm in graduate school, it's one that's proven very difficult. But why not share my struggle for this balance that I'm sure so many others face as well?

I don't use a fancy camera. I don't have one. Nor would I have the time to take pictures with one each day and upload those pictures to the blog even if I did. I know this is another rule of the successful blogger formula that I'm breaking. But guess what? I use my iPhone. So the pictures aren't a gorgeous quality with beautiful backdrops and I'm not a model posing in them. Can they still showcase my outfits and provide fashion inspiration? Absolutely!

This is what I mean by what works for me and my philosophy is certainly not meant to knock any other bloggers out there. Like I said, I love you girls and you have been my inspiration for this blog! But if these ideas and this philosophy sounds like something you can get behind, then I'd love to have you join along with me and I greatly appreciate your support.



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