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My high school self never would have imagined in a million years I'd have a blog like this...

My love for fashion blogs actually grew from being trapped home on the couch while recovering from surgery. Bored, I started reading through some, and I loved all that I learned and the outfit inspiration I was able to get. I also loved the idea of being able to chronicle outfits worn. I started taking pictures of my outfits and keeping track of them on my own, sometimes posting them to tumblr. But then I thought if I'm doing this anyway, why not take the chance to make the pictures public on a blog of my own? I love the fashion blogging community and how much inspiration I'm able to receive each day from it, so why not give a little back too?

My regular life has nothing to do with fashion, but I'm still fascinated by it. I love to go shopping and pick out clothes. I love trying new color combinations and putting pieces together in new ways. Right now, I'm in graduate school, getting my Master's and finally finishing up my career as a student, ready to begin a new and exciting life of working with little ones with special needs full time. It's an amazing and such a rewarding field, and I am touched all the time by these little ones I get to work with. It's incredible to be able to know that I'm doing something to help them and their families out.

Some of my loves are going for a run, curling up with a new book, eating all the pickles I can, watching one of my favorite shows, spending time with those I care about, all things Disney, going to church and church events, and of course working with children.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, etc at lacestripesandpolkadots@gmail.com


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