Monday, January 20, 2014


Exercise has been something that's been really important in my life the past few years. The more I exercise, the better I feel, and who doesn't love that? I have more energy, feel better in my body, my clothes fit better... I've tried to continually make it a priority in my day. But, being in grad school is really consuming. Still, I did good keeping up with exercising regularly, at least until this past Fall. My schedule was the craziest it's been, with class 3 nights a week, an internship 2 days a week, spending time in each of the classrooms I'll be student teaching in for a total of 2 days a week, and working with a little guy one-on-one the other day. Then the rest of my time was spent doing loads of work and assignments. Needless to say, I was exhausted...

But excuses, excuses, am I right? Exercise kind of took a back seat over the fall. I got it in when I could, but it definitely wasn't the priority it was for me before. And I hated it, I really did. Mostly I hated how I felt without getting workouts in. So lately I've really recommitted, and it feels great. But I still need to get my body back to where it was, and then continue on my journey of fitness even further.

I'm going to start student teaching a week from today (ah, exciting!) which means my life will be totally different than it is now. No more night classes, but full-time work each day, starting early. That really leaves the best time for my workouts to be early in the morning, before I get ready. I know this is going to be tough, especially in the beginning. So when I saw Kaitlyn's post over at Wifessionals today, I felt like it was a sign. I have followed Tamara and her blog, The Workout Mama, for some time now and she is awesome. Ever since she started doing monthly online-run bootcamps, I really wanted to do one. Tamara is a personal trainer so you better bet she knows what she's talking about and she provides workouts at the beginning of each week with videos, along with a support system through a closed Facebook group, and more! When Kaitlyn posted about joining in on this one, and creating even more support opportunities through link-ups and instagram, I decided I was in. This should be just the motivation and encouragement I need to make it through the adjustment to early morning workouts.

I'm really excited to do this, and I'd love to see as many awesome ladies as possible participating! Want to join me? Let me know if you do so we can connect!


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