Wednesday, June 12, 2013

7x7 Remix

When I saw Audrey post about the 7x7 remix on Putting Me Together, I decided to take the challenge. I've never done a remix before and the thought has always been a little daunting, but I wanted to see what I could come up with.

7x7 remix pieces

I created all the looks on Polyvore for now, using items that look as similar as possible to my own (the TOMS and the purple shirt are exact). I'm going to try to wear these outfits in the coming weeks, and when I do I'll post them and link to them in this post as well! I chose pieces that I all thought would go well with each other. It's all pretty basic, but I would accessorize them to add a little excitement. Here's my rationale on my items: Purple button up top: I picked this up at Kohl's on sale a couple weeks ago. I have been obsessed with finding new button ups lately, and I like that this one has shorter sleeves for warmer weather. I definitely wanted to have a button up in my 7 pieces because of how versatile they are- you can wear them by themselves, layered, buttoned, unbuttoned, and tied! Grey t shirt: The ultimate basic. I have a few grey t shirts in my closet and I couldn't imagine not having one. They go with EVERYTHING and always look good. Black t shirt: I debated because it's another neutral t shirt, but it still makes for different looks. Black is just chic, and a black t shirt is another great wardrobe staple. Denim shorts: I got these last month and I didn't realize how much I needed a great pair of denim shorts until I got them. Basically any outfit you can make with jeans can be made with these for summer. And it always looks cute! Mustard pants: I'm so in love with these pants, and I've mostly dressed them up so far, so I wanted to make more casual outfits I could wear with them. Polka dot capris: Mine are denim polka dot, which you'll see when I wear them. I have wanted polka dot pants for the longest time so I was so excited when I tried these on and they fit perfectly. Since they're denim they'll go with anything, but the polka dots just make them so much cuter and less boring. Brown TOMS: I am a huge lover of TOMS, and I could walk around in them all day every day. This brown pair goes with everything!

7x7 remix outfit 1

This is a cute, casual layered summer outfit. SEE ME WEARING IT HERE

7x7 remix outfit 2

I've been wanting to do this color combination since I saw it on Taylor Swift and pinned her outfit. SEE ME WEARING IT HERE

7x7 remix outfit 3

I would definitely accessorize this, and it's a great base to show off accessories! SEE ME WEARING IT HERE

7x7 remix outfit 4

This outfit is a little less casual (at least in my world), and I like the pairing of purple and mustard together.

7x7 remix outfit 5

The ultimate basic casual outfit for summer, right? And again you can really elevate it with a couple great accessories!

7x7 remix outfit 6

I think this outfit could also look a little more on the nicer side of casual. It's put together while very comfortable at the same time.

7x7 remix outfit 7

I love grey paired with any shade of yellow! When putting this outfit together, I couldn't believe I hadn't worn it yet! I'm linking this post up for the 7x7 Remix, and I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with!


I'm also linking this up for Random Wednesday at Because Shanna Said So


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