Monday, June 10, 2013

Vacation Disneybounds

I recently took a trip to Disney World for the week, so of course I had to Disneybound each day. But my Disneybounding on a trip like that is different than here at home. First of all, it was in the 80's every day there, and second of all, I was walking 12-14 miles each day. Plus it all had to fit in my suitcase. So my plan was simple and cool. Because I'm a visual planner, I had to lay it all out on polyvore first.

disneybound outfits for my trip

I planned 8 and only needed 7, so I ended up not wearing the Flounder one, but I do plan to duplicate that in my life soon. Most of these pieces were bought either at Goodwill, eBay, or Kmart. Hence, very little money was spent and my wallet was happy. Here are the pictures of me wearing them! (Sorry the full length mirror was by the toilet!)


If the Minnie and Snow White outfits look familiar, it's because I just adapted them to more casual, warmer weather outfits from the ones that I previously wore. So simple! :)


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