Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1 Piece Many Ways: Floral Pants

Audrey at Putting Me Together is hosting another 1 Piece Many Ways link-up, and I'm excited to join along again! I'm always trying to think of all the ways that I can wear a piece when I buy it, so I love creating these posts, and getting inspiration from others as well. And all of these outfits feature pieces that are exact or similar to things I actually own.

1 piece many ways floral pants

For this post, I decided to choose floral pants. I feel like floral pants are one of those things that you really want, you buy, and then you have no idea how to wear them. I know I first felt this way when I bought my first pair. Now I have 2 pairs, though, and I love them a lot! This is an exact pair that I got from Kohl's, and I also have a pair from Loft as well.

white and floral

You can't go wrong with pairing any pants with a white top. And while these pants have white in them, it doesn't matter of they don't, because it's a neutral. This top is more loose-fitting which gives the whole outfit a more laid back and casual vibe. But you could use a more structured button up for a more dressed up look instead, if you want. I brought in some color with the shoes, by matching these to one of the colors in the pants, and I added just a simple bracelet to finish things off, because when you have statement pants like these, you can really let them steal the show and keep everything else simple.

black leather and floral

If floral pants seem a little too delicate or girly to you, leather is a great way to edge them up. Everything else in this outfit besides the pants are black, which gives it a more streamlined, simple look. Black is another great neutral to pair with pants like these to let them speak for themselves.

white, black, and floral

As you can tell from the name of this blog, I love lace. In this case, it takes a simple white top and makes it more visually interesting and dressier. And when you pair it with a classic black blazer, this is a way to wear the floral pants in a more professional looking context. I kept the shoes white, and added the mint bubble necklace with a little color. I'm a big fan of accessories, and you can usually find me wearing many of them, but when wearing statement pants like this that can be seen as loud, I usually try to stick to one accessory that compliments the outfit so I don't overwhelm anything.

casual floral

A comfortable casual grey top is one of my favorite wardrobe staples- to have both in short sleeve and long sleeve! Nothing says comfy casual like grey, and it goes well with anything as a neutral. One way to dress down floral pants is to pair them with a loose fitting grey top like I did here, some TOMS, and a cozy knit scarf.

blue and floral

Here is a different casual look with the pants. There isn't actually any blue in the pants, but it still works well, since it's in the same cool colors family. This blue sweatshirt is venturing out of neutrals and into colors, but it still isn't overwhelming. These cute slouchy knit boots are more casual than more structured boots, and probably more cozy too. But I added a pearl and chains necklace for more of a classic look to finish things off.

green floral

purple floral

Since I happen to have this top in both of these colors, I decided to include both in outfits. The same basic idea, but switching out the color. With these button ups, these outfits could easy be worn in a more professional setting. Another way to bring color in in a way that isn't overwhelming is to be more matchy with the top like here. It's totally ok to pick up on a color in a multicolored piece in one other piece. But then I would avoid matching everything, because I do believe that would be too matchy, which you don't want. So you can match a color in the top, but then I didn't in the shoes, and I wouldn't in the accessories either if I had any.

stripes and floral

Finally, I included this one last, because I know mixing prints takes a lot more courage. Plus it can be tricky, because sometimes you try and it just doesn't work. Since the flowers in the pants are more on the small side and tight together, I went with thicker stripes. But, if the pattern was bigger, I would go with thinner stripes on the top. Pairing big and small works best together when mixing prints. Another reason that it works is that the top contains not only neutral colors, but also ones found in the pants, so the colors don't compete at all. And if you have a little more courage, you can even add a completely different pop of color in either your shoes or bag, like I did here.

So do you have floral pants? Does this seem like something you can do? I was scared at first before I purchased my first pair, but I assure you, you can pull them off too!

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