Monday, September 2, 2013

Zulily Labor Day Sale

I am trying to be on a spending break, and I was doing really well, too. Even avoiding buying anything from all the Labor Day sales going on this weekend. But then I got the email from Zulily about their big blowout sales, and by big think HUGE, and I couldn't resist. Zulily definitely isn't just for moms, it's for all women (although they do have some great stuff for moms too! One day when I am pregnant, this will be the first stop I make for maternity clothes). The prices are so great right now, and there is so much to look through, it's a bit overwhelming. I dare you to go through everything and not find something you love and want to buy. Because it's impossible not to. There is so much I loved, but I limited myself, and this is what I got:

zulily finds

zulily finds by greathappiness on Polyvore

All of this was only $55. The first dress was only $6.99!! How could I resist? I love the bright sunny yellow dress, and I could definitely wear this to weddings or showers, as well as more casually or even while student teaching. I have been looking for a blue chiffon pleated skirt EXACTLY like this for some time, so to find it for only $10 was amazing. The top is nice and long and flowy and would be perfect with skinny jeans. And I need a new bag to take with me to grad school classes at night, because the one I have now is getting worn out, and this is perfect!

If you check out the sales there, let me know what you find! :)


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