Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Disneybound Day 24/April 24th Outfit

Wednesday is internship day! It was chilly today, but at least it stayed dry and the sun came out. I was so excited to do this outfit today. It was the one I was going to do last Thursday but had to postpone. Then I found the ring. If you've ever Disneybounded, you know the excitement at finding the perfect item for a character.


This is literally the only orange top I own. I used to hate orange for awhile. But now I'm realizing that there are shades of orange that I like. Plus, I feel like orange is everywhere right now and super popular, so the more I see cute outfits with it, the more I've come to appreciate it. Orange is winning me over. I just got this bag, and I got it for an amazing price. I think it will get a lot of use. Then there's the ring, which I found while browsing items on ebay. Awesome, right? And I have to say, the kiddos loved it today too as many were distracted by it while I played with them ;)

Top: Forever 21: (similar)
Pants: Loft: (exact)
Scarf: Charlotte Russe: (similar)
Bag: (similar)
Ring: ebay: (similar)


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