Monday, April 29, 2013

Disneybound Day 29/April 29th Outfit

I am loving the sunshine and warm weather today! I sat outside with my laptop to get some work done, and I actually have a tan line where my shorts were. Hooray for some color! I've been looking forward to this outfit today


The name of this blog is Lace, Stripes, and Polka Dots after my three biggest loves in clothing. So you can guess easily that this one is a favorite. I love this top, and the whole outfit feels so effortless and comfortable. I wore a black camisole underneath, which gives the illusion of high waisted pants or a jumpsuit, even though I don't have either on. And black and white is so fun with a pop of red, representing, of course, Pongo's collar. 

Top: Forever 21 (similar- $8.80, similar- $38)
Pants: (similar- $28)
Necklace: The Hunger Site (similar- $12.80)
Ring: No More Rack (similar- $5.80, similar- $24)


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